Paris autumn Diorama

3D Diorama made with a combination of photogrammetry and classical sculpting techniques. The artwork is inspired my trip to Paris last autumn!

Tree grating and floor stone tiles are from allegorithmics source materials.

Carmen schneidereit diorama carmen schneidereit

Rendered in UE4.

Carmen schneidereit greybox vs textured
Carmen schneidereit diorama zbrush

zBrush sculpt

Carmen schneidereit diorama zbrush2

zBrush sculpt that was later baked down to a low poly model

Carmen schneidereit moodboard

Scene moodboard

Carmen schneidereit photogrammetry

Photoscanned 3d model of the tree. Processed in reality capture.

Carmen schneidereit bark material

Tileable bark material, created from my photoscanned texture informations in Substance Designer